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Puja & Vidhi Committee

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  • Responsible for the execution and management of all religious activities associated with the Pratishtha.

  • Work with Scheduling Committee to develop calendar/program for all religious anushthaans - Pujan, Aarti, etc
  • Coordination & Execution of all religious activities
  • Provide a formal write-up of key religious events – highlighting meaning and purpose of the event.
  • Coordinate and verify all required religious activities
    related items for each of the Pratishtha Mahotsav days
  • Plan in advance to purchase/obtain required puja items from India or other Jain Centers
    (Thalis, Kalash, Vaatkaa, Chandan, Kesar, etc.)
  • For entire Pratishtha event, prepare matrix for all Puja sponsors and provide to
    Safety & Security team.
  • Prepare list of all food items (Fruits, Mithai, flowers, etc.)
    needed for the religious activities and allocate to appropriate individuals
  • Document and obtain all required tables, baajots, jugs and all logistical items for all Pratishtha days
  • Validate the setup of tables & other logistical items in the Rang Mandap & Ghabhara
  • Document and validate process for all religious activities
  • Identify flow of people during all religious activities in the Rangmandap & Ghabara
  • Work with Facilities team to validate allowed capacity of individuals in each areas
  • Work with Safety & Security Team to understand Fire Department requirements and other safety issues.
  • Work with Facilities Team to coordinate and plan cleaning of entire Deraser area on each day.
  • Develop process to distribute puja items at end of each event (Fruits, Mithai, etc.)
  • Identify & document process to distribute auspicious puja items to Sangh Members (Abhishek Water, Naman, etc.)
  • Coordinate all arrangements for Vidhikarak and his team during the event (Food, Water, special requirements, etc.)
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